“Ginjo Bells, Ginjo Bells, Ginjo All the Way!” A Holiday Sake Tasting!

By |2016-12-13T18:33:10+00:00December 13th, 2016|Featured, Sake Events|

"GINJO BELLS, GINJO BELLS, GINJO ALL THE WAY" A HOLIDAY SAKE TASTING! HO HO HO and Seasons Greetings from The Sake Shop! It's that time of the year again, when we hold our annual holiday [...]


By |2011-03-09T18:04:54+00:00March 9th, 2011|Featured, Sake Events|

MASUMI MADNESS! Okay, maybe it's not exactly the same as college basketball's "March Madness" but at least the sake is free!  Join us this Saturday for MASUMI MADNESS [...]

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