Please join us on Saturday, April 25th, for a very special event! The Sake Shop will be hosting a very special and unique sake tasting and food pairing. Never content to be conventional, we’ve decided to pair sake with Mexican food in an event that’s been named “The Rising Sun goes South of the Border”. We’ve teamed up with Chef Julio Gutierrez, owner of the Santacruz Taco Co. He’ll be cooking up a wonderful five course mini Mexican food extravaganza that we’ll be pairing with five different sake.

Here is the menu.

Campechana Shooter (with Dewazakura Tobiroku Sparkling Sake)
Original Campechana is from the State of Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a Sinaloa adaptation to the local fish and shellfish of the area. The shooter is made with oysters, fish, shrimp, octopus, avocado, cucumbers, onions and lime with a spiced rim.

Callo de Pescado (with Otokoyama Tokubetsu Junmai)
Delightful crudo/sashimi style fish lightly cooked with lime and topped with cucumbers, onions and sprinkled with powdered chile. This dish is made to imitate one that is usually made using a half moon scallop that only grows in Baja called Callo de Hacha.
Birria de Chivo (with Chiyomusubi Tokubetsu Junmai)
A Goat Stew that comes from the central states of Jalisco & Zacatecas (where Julio’s mom’s family is from). The goat is slowly braised in mild chiles and spices then topped with cilantro and onions.
Costillas Al Pastor (with Taiheizan Chogetsu Junmai Ginjo)
Shepherd Style Ribs (Mexico’s Shawarma). Julio’s adaptation of the popular al pastor roasted pork found at almost every taco stand. A flavorful mixture of achiote (annatto) spices, orange and mild peppers, topped with caramelized pineapple.
Mole Verde (with Seikyo Takehara Junmai)
Julio’s Mother’s recipe. Usually the ingredients vary depending on the person that makes it. Chicken Mexican rice topped with a velvety green mole made from green chiles and topped with cream and pumpkin seeds.

Delicious, authentic Mexican food with awesome sake … how can this get any better you ask? Well you’ll be happy to hear that this event is totally complimentary! That’s right, it’s free! But because it’s a food pairing, it will be hosted a little differently from our usual sake tastings. We’ve decided to hold the actual physical tasting two doors down from our shop at The Little Oven. The table and chairs there will make it easier for everyone to enjoy the food and sake that evening.

As you would imagine, there are only a limited amount of seats for this event. Because of this you will need to call us to RSVP in advance.We’re having three separate seatings at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. Remember, this tasting is different from our usual ones because you will need to call us to RSVP to attend this event. If you do not RSVP and you show up for the event, we will not be able to seat you.

As usual, all of the sake that we sample that evening will be available for sale that night at a discounted price back at the shop. Sake and Mexican food in Hawaii, this should be something really fun and memorable. Please be sure to call the shop to RSVP and we look forward to seeing everyone there.

Nadine and Malcolm