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We have a great tasting scheduled for this FRIDAY (not Saturday) and a special guest who will be joining us as well. Please join us this Friday night for our Urakasumi Sake Tasting and meet Mr. Koichi Saura, the President of Urakasumi Sake Brewery.  Mr. Saura will be at the shop to pour his sake and answer your questions.

Urakasumi Sake is one of those well known prestigious sake breweries that have been around forever, or in their case for almost 300 years. Well known amongst sake enthusiasts, Urakasumi produces a line of high quality sake, that truly represents  the classic flavor of Japan.

We’ll be sampling four different sake from Urakasumi, including their high end limited production Junmai Daiginjo and their full strength undiluted (Genshu) Honjozo.  Please stop by and join us for this tasting and remember, it’s on a FRIDAY instead of our usual Saturday.

FRIDAY, September 27, 2013
5:00pm to 8:00pm


Junmai Daiginjo


Limited in production and highly allocated, this classy brew is Urakasumi’s flagship sake, crafted using high quality Yamadanishiki rice that has been polished to 45%. Very fragrant with aromas of mixed fruit such as ripe melon, apple and fresh pineapple that are incredibly intense. Complex and viscose with some sweetness on the palate and a lingering clean finish.  Limited production.

Junmai Ginjo


This exquisite sake is beautifully balanced with flavor, creamy texture and length. Enhancing Ginjo flavor in the mouth harmonizes with great mouth feel and elegance, the result of careful sake-making procedures. Zen goes very well with seafood and lighter dishes. It has always been popular since it’s original release in 1973.



Rich and flavorful sake with ripe fruit and a creamy smokey aroma. This sake is “Genshu” which means it has not been diluted with water and has a higher than usual alcohol content of just under 19%. Finishes clean.



Koji aroma on the nose with a hint of toasted nuts and fruit, followed by flavors of rice and dry grain. Clean and refreshing, this sake is perfect for everyday drinking. Medium dry finish.
So please join us this FRIDAY for our Urakasumi Sake Tasting. Stop by to sample some great sake and meet the President of the brewery. Hope you can make it!


Malcolm & Nadine Leong
The Sake Shop

FRIDAY, September 27, 2013
5:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Urakasumi Sake Brewery
Urakasumi Sake Brewery

Urakasumi Sake Brewery is located in the Northern prefecture of Miyagi in the city of Shiogama and was founded in 1724 by the Saura family. Their name “Urakasumi” means “Misty Bay”. (Ura means Bay and Kasumi means Mist)

Their name comes from a poem written in the Kamakura period celebrating the arrival of Spring and the peaceful scenery of Shiogama. It was written by Shogun Minamoto no Sanetomo, who was also a well known poet of the time.

Urakasumi Brewery Workers

Urakasumi Brewery Workers
Urakasumi is known for brewing sake that is dedicated to Shiogama Shrine, the Ichinomiya (first shrine) of Northern Honshu with a history dating back more than 1,000 years.

Urakasumi sake is referred to as “classic, elegant and dignified”. A truly classic sake with a superb balance of of aroma and flavor.

Urakasumi is very particular about including regional characteristics in their sake. Most of the rice that they use is locally grown in Miyagi prefecture, one of the premier growing rice regions in Japan.
Koichi Saura

Mr. Koichi Saura
President of Urakasumi Sake Brewery

They still use brewing techniques that have been handed down for generations, including low temperature fermentation that is done slowly over a long period of time.

In 1986, the Brewing Society of Japan registered proprietary yeast that Urakasumi had cultivated, which produces an exceptional aroma, as Kyokai No. 12 yeast.
Matsushima Bay

Matsushima Bay
Urakasumi Sake Brewery is located in the city of Shiogama, which is approximately 300 kilometers North of Tokyo and faces Matsushima Bay. The city has prospered for more than 1,000 years as the Government’s port and the nearest town to Shiogama Shrine.

Because of their coastal location, the townspeople of Shiogama have been blessed with an abundance of seafood. Their catch of tuna and the production of fishcake are the most in Japan, and the number of sushi restaurants per population is more than any other city as well.
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