Monthly Archives: April 2010

Cans Need Love Too

By |2010-04-25T16:42:42-10:00April 25th, 2010|Featured|

Most days we're selling quite a few bottles of Ginjo and Daiginjo sake at The Sake Shop.  Obviously this is to be expected as we are a premium [...]

Are You a Mountain Man?

By |2010-04-25T13:17:07-10:00April 16th, 2010|Sake Events|

We're going to mix it up this weekend with a couple of different sake from Nishimoto Trading.  Please come by and join us for our Complimentary Sake Tasting this Saturday, [...]

A Taste of Taiheizan!

By |2010-04-25T13:18:58-10:00April 9th, 2010|Sake Events|

Please join us at The Sake Shop this Saturday for a SPECIAL complimentary sake tasting!  All the way from Akita prefecture in Japan, the President of Kodama Brewery will be here [...]


By |2010-04-25T12:53:08-10:00April 2nd, 2010|Featured|

It’s IKI-TIME!  No Kurt, not that kind of IKI!  (IKI is also Japanese slang for taking a drink as a shot.)  IKI is the name of a new ultra [...]

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